What is your Pen Power?

  • Feb 4, 2018

Should your Company have a pen with your logo, OF COURSE!  As long as it is the right one!

The least expensive pen will probably have the least expensive ink...and that ink could have been sitting for a long time.

A VERY BAD IMPRESSION is a pen with your logo that does not write...it goes in the trash, and there go your many impressions.

This is WHY you need a logo pen:


Pen Power dawn shaver


I write about pens because they are the simplist way to promote your brand. And seriously, if you don't have $100ish to promote your brand, you probably shouldn't be in business.

IF you don't need business, then absolutely, do not buy pens or anything else for that matter.

That message is for the 1%.


You MUST invest in yourself....if you have a pen, step it up!  Let's figure out the best NEXT product to promote your brand....

Reach out and let's discuss....in person or email or phone or messenger.... :)


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