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  • I just can't say enough about this umbrella!

    This is the reinvention of the umbrella!   Why this wasn't thought of before, is beyond me, but it IS the coolest! It first came out only with the curved handle, but now it has the straight han...

  • Let your people know--Are you drying your

    If you have noticed that your "performance" wear hasn't been performing, there may be a very good reason! Performance materials have micro holes in them that allow them to breathe.  When those h...

  • Best Small Tumbler Ever

    PERFECTION!   This just came across my desk and it is the best!  This little dude is only 5.9" high, so it fits under MOST single cup coffee makers! Sliding lid-CHECK  Textured for eas...

Offering the best solutions

Before I show you how to buy the best products to Brand and Market your business, let me mention why you want to learn more about it.

Because picking the right products for your project, makes you a HERO!

Maybe you are already the Hero, and you don't need my help with the Millions of products for sale.

And, maybe you already know about the 5,000 new products that were introduced just in 2017 for this industry.

Access to a partner that does all the work for you, for free, is easy!

You might be wondering, why doesn't everyone do it?

Because either they think the products they buy online are the best  -or-

They are used to the old products peddler that wants to sell them pens and mugs.

Yes, of course, I have pens and mugs, but is that all you need?

I have pens with the BEST.INK.EVER. do they tell you which ones those are online?  

No matter what the product, I have good, better, best options!

I have NO desire to sell you the worst.

My competitors might, because they think that is how they will get your business. 

Brand names, best knockoffs, terrible knockoffs.

I have too many customers that want quality products to build their company, organization or non-profit.

To be clear, best does not mean most expensive, although, it can!

Access to me and the plethora of products to match to your project so you can represent YOUR COMPANY and have SUCCESS!

If you want to know more, either drop me an email, opt-in to my newsletters, or call me!  

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to working with you!

Dawn Shaver

P.S. In case you skimmed to the bottom without reading the page, I want you to access the latest and best products to market your brand. 

How do you have the best customers, the highest recruiting and retention, the greatest safety record for your brand?  

Along with that, attracting the right people at tradeshows, helping your marketing efforts in every way possible, including incentives and awards?  

You are at the right place, I am here to help. 


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